Your complete IT department

As a small business manager, you would like to spend less time on IT but get a better understanding where you are with your IT and what needs to happen to make it more effective. Seabak provides IT management and support services to small and medium sized businesses since 2002. We take complete responsibility for our customer's overall IT requirements, managing day-to-day IT services, providing long-term advice regarding IT-related business issues, and delivering exceptional value. With several Fortune Global 500 customers we cover all aspects of IT department operation for IT infrastructure of any size.

You have found the right company if:

  • Your business is developing to evolve to a greater than simply two computers sharing a printer.
  • You have outgrown the stage when someone is running around the office reconnecting printers, fixing broken cables and cleaning up your mouse when it is hardly moving on your desktop. You feel the need for greater functionality of your network infrastructure and now ready for a more professional approach to IT.
  • You face the question of how do you make sure you get the job done by people that have proper training, know what needs to be done and actually strive to get it done right.