On-site Helpdesk / IT Outsourcing

Seabak functions as your IT department on an outsourced basis. Our goal is to rid you as a manager of having to deal with great many IT related issues on a daily basis and thus to contribute to your business' development. Trust us the management of your IT infrastructure as we handle all aspects of computer network installation, design, security and administration. We also manage all relevant operating system and other software packages installation, integration with business needs, its maintenance and oversight.

Remote Servicedesk / Managed Services

With our revolutionary approach of Managed Service Platform designed specifically for Businesses with networks of 3-200 computers we are able to greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of delivering the service of IT infrastructure support & maintenance when and as our customers need it. Leading 24/7 Proactive Monitoring Technology Platform allows us to predict and prevent most network and operating system problems before they impact on individual users. Remote Management rapid problem resolution is enhanced by a market leading remote management product which helps us run vast majority of maintenance operations remotely & transparently and provide instant servicedesk support to end users while responding to their requests.

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