You see, a single IT manager cannot possibly be an expert in all the vital areas of your network infrastructure, so almost in all cases outside support is required. This results in prolonged downtime, occupied extra management resources and spending unscheduled costs. Seabak offers a solution. Our customers gain access to the teams of technicians that are all specialized in various areas of Information Technology bringing you comprehensive support. Seabak is your single solution to efficient and worriless IT operation.

Why do clients hire us instead of using other options? Here are some of the reasons:
  • We take full responsibility for all aspects of the IT function. That includes hiring, training, and supervision of support staff, implementation of task management software, organization of emergency response to crises, etc. This saves time of the senior managers who otherwise would try to do these things, even if they do not have the appropriate experience or background.
  • Having worked in the field of Information Technology for several years we have elaborated many standard solutions for many vital issues and know how they should be addressed.
  • With our team approach, we break the cycle of regular crises in IT caused by vacations, sicknesses, and turnover.
  • Without expertise, the management of design, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, IT tends to be stressful and overcomplicated, and the infrastructure mostly reacts to problems instead of enabling growth.
  • Our specialized and advanced skills, when combined with intimate knowledge of your business requirements, allow us to recommend and implement effective solutions that meet your needs. Our qualified engineers and technicians, accredited by Microsoft, offer quality installation, support and training.
  • Being a self-managed company, we provide our clients teams composed of junior technician and an experienced network engineer to work on design and implementation of network services. Our goal is to provide you technical support and oversee the process implementation to free up managerial resources to focus on your company's core competencies.
  • Seabak's comprehensive network of resources and knowledge we can provide the scale and expertise that even the largest organizations require.